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For the best coverage of the fabric use the following:


You will need a blunt tapestry needle for cross stitch. Choose a size that matches your fabric count:


It is recommended to cross stitch on a firm fabric, but if you want to remove a crease simply press it with a steam iron. After you’ll finish stitching just iron again with a light heat.

It is your choice 🙂 Uncovered stitching have more natural look, no risk of reflections on a glass. Although glass protects you stitching from humidity and dust. But you must never let your stitching be pressed against the glass as this could cause condensation and damage from mold. You can either ‘lift’ the glass away from the design by using a double mount or use spacers.

Biscornues and finished cross stitch items can be washed by hand in lukewarm water with soft detergent. Never machine wash or bleach. After washing just let water flow down (do not squeeze) and leave it to dry on the plane surface. Do not wash cross stitch items except of emergencies. Please read the label (item description) before washing.