I’m a handmade fan, living in Prague. Cross stitch is my lifelong obsession and as with any other passion, it developed over the years. At first, I was searching for patterns in magazines and the internet and then found it much more exciting to create my own patterns. It opened unlimited possibilities for me and for what I can do!

I make patterns from the pictures I really like, find cute or funny.

I like very much to add text to my creations. Love to cross stitch them after and make small presents for my friends 🙂 For me, there is nothing more dear and pleasant than a handmade gift made with love!

I heartily hope you’ll find on this website something that would be perfect for you! Maybe a funny pattern or pincushion to cross-stitch that would bring you many hours of joy, or a biscornu pincushion to make a small delicate gift for the loved ones.

Please write to me in case of any questions, I greatly appreciate the impressions of my site and my work!